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The Pirate Bay proxy easily access any blocked website and surf the internet anonymously. Free access to all blocked torrent sites. Hide your IP and Unblock websites with VPN in just one click. You probably met the word “proxy server”, but always thought it was for admins and other techies. Too tricky sounds. In fact, a proxy is a very useful thing for an ordinary person that is easy to start using. Now we will tell you about the proxy in clear language. Fortunately, instead of a direct connection, you can use a proxy server proxy, which provides data exchange between the device and servers of Internet resources. It masks your data from the owners of the applications and sites that you visit, which prevents them from blocking you by IP. In addition, indirect connection allows you to bypass the lock imposed by the provider.

Proxy Site

What is a proxy server

Have you heard about the cool music service Spotify? Millions of tracks, very clever system of recommendations and so on. Would you like to start using it? Oops! The service is not available in your country, and it is not one. Many European and American services and online stores with high-quality goods at affordable prices do not work in Russia. Where do websites really know in which country you are from? It’s simple. Turning to any resource, you inevitably send him a lot of information about yourself, including location data. If your country is not one of those supported, then you are politely sent.

proxy server

Now imagine that in some other country where Spotify works, there is a special intermediary server to which you can connect and access sites through it. In this case, Spotify will assume that it is not you who are trying to access it from Russia, but that server from the country in which it works and will open access. Such a proxy server is called a proxy. Tens of thousands of proxy servers work in almost all countries of the world.

When you use the Internet as usual, your device connects directly to the application and site servers. As a result, these servers recognize your IP address , location, and other data, that is, you lose anonymity on the web. In addition, application and site owners or providers may block your access to servers.

Proxy servers provide only relative anonymity on the Internet.

With special equipment and skills, interested people will be able to track you. However, using a proxy, you can access many blocked sites and hide your IP from them.

Why use a proxy

proxy site

First reason

The proxy server allows you to change the location and bypass restrictions on access to sites and services.

The second reason

Replacing the location, the proxy server simultaneously hides your true location. Sites can not find out where the proxy sends the information. Accordingly, your other data, including the IP address, remains known only to the proxy server.

To find out who used the proxy, you need to contact the server administrator. The administrator will transfer data only by a local court. If the server is in another country, then in order to obtain information you will have to start a very complicated interstate bureaucratic procedure. Now imagine that there were several proxy servers, all in different countries and the connection took place sequentially through each of them. To start looking for you seriously, you need to break the law. In no case can this be done, but it is the use of a proxy that allows cybercriminals to remain incognito.

We in no way call for the commission of illegal actions on the Internet, but simply explain the principle of the proxy. The expression “behind seven proxy” appeared not just and implies the highest level of security, only in this case it is not about material values, but about you. Proxy server allows you to go online anonymously.

Third reason

Many companies practice restricting employee access to certain sites. Most often they include social networks and entertainment resources. In such cases, the proxy also helps. Blocking occurs at the site address, but with the help of a proxy, you will not enter the site directly. Accordingly, for the access restriction tool used by the administrator, you will not visit the VKontakte site, but simply some resource, access to which, of course, is allowed.

Proxy server allows you to bypass the restrictions created by the network administrator.

We will not talk about more specific tasks that are solved using a proxy. Experts and so everyone knows about the proxy, and the average user is probably plagued by another question: “Where can I get a proxy server?”.

Where to get the proxy server

That’s where the controversy begins. We could say that we should look for free public proxies on the Internet, but we will not, because this is not the best idea.

proxy servers

Free proxy, of course, free. You can collect your list of servers for all occasions, including anonymous and fairly quick, without a ruble, but this is lucky.

True, you still spend the time, and more than once, because free proxies live a little. If the server is good and in demand, it will be paid and you will have to look for a replacement for it. Long-playing proxies are usually lousy in terms of quality and speed, but they also close sooner or later.

Why would anyone pay for server work and keep a free proxy for others? We do not believe in karma and altruism. The idea of ​​a proxy is based on the fact that you unconditionally trust the owner of the server. Do you trust a good uncle who you don’t even know, but who for some reason gives you a proxy for free?

In general, if free proxies were really acceptable to everyone, then the paid counterparts would be unclaimed and closed. But they are not closed, but on the contrary, new service providers are opening. Paid proxies are very cheap even compared to penny VPNs, but they offer the user all the advantages of the “I pay you, so work as it should.” You pay money to the service provider and are entitled to demand the proper quality, assistance and support, which is very important for a newbie. The supplier, in turn, is interested in providing the best in terms of price and quality of services, otherwise you will stop paying him.

Now we will advertise a little proxy from the company Fineproxy , because we ourselves have been using their services for several years and there were no problems. Choose a supplier to your liking, just do it carefully. In Plus Fineproxy are three very important things for which, in fact, worth paying: Tariffs for any needs and budgets (including elite and cheap proxies), a lot of supported countries, as well as money-back is a money back guarantee, if the quality is not satisfied.

Very smart and intelligent support. You can go to their website right now and check for yourself. Chat appears in the corner. Write something there, and you will be answered in about a minute. At least, our test request was processed even faster. If something is not clear, they suggest. If something is wrong with the service, they will resolve the issue. Choose a tariff will also help. Stable quality. Servers are always available, the speed does not sink. The Internet works in the same way as with a regular connection, the difference is not noticeable. For the average user, this is the most important.

How to start using a proxy

The advantage of using a proxy over the same VPN is that you do not have to install additional programs on your computer. Everything you need is already on your system. Just follow the link corresponding to your browser or system and follow the instructions:


IE ,

Chrome ,

firefox ,

Opera ,

Safari (macOS) ,

Android ,

iOS .

It is easier than you might think. Just a couple of minutes, and you no longer have to worry about the prohibitions, restrictions and surveillance.

This technology will help you access blocked resources and provide anonymity on the web.

How to use a proxy

CGI proxies are available for free on such sites as Hidester , , ProxySite . As stated above, you will not need any settings.


But to use any other type of proxy, you must first bind it to the device. To do this, it is enough to know the IP address and port of the proxy server, and then enter this data into the operating system settings.

Proxy lists with their addresses and ports can be found on sites like , FoxTools, and FineProxy . Many servers are available for free, but among them will come across slow and completely non-working – be prepared for this. If you do not want to spend time, pay for a high-quality and stable proxy. For example, on the same FineProxy. When choosing a proxy from the list, pay attention to the “Anonymity” parameter. The higher its value, the more chances you have to hide your real IP. Select a server of any country from the list, copy its IP address and port. Then simply paste this data into one of the instructions.

How to configure a proxy in Windows 7 and older versions

Go to the control panel and open the “Internet Options” (“Browser Properties”). Or use the combination Win + R, enter the command Inetcpl.cpland press Enter.

Windows 7

In the menu that opens, go to the “Connections” tab and click “Network Settings”.

Check the option “Use a proxy server …”.

Enter the server address and port, then click OK.

To disable the proxy, uncheck “Use a proxy server …”.

How to configure a proxy in Windows 10 and 8

Windows 10

Open the “Start” → “Settings” (icon in the form of a gear) → “Network and Internet” → “Proxy”.

Find the block “Manually configure a proxy”, activate the option “Use a proxy manually”.

Enter the address and port, then click “Save”.

To disable the proxy, simply deactivate the option “Use a proxy server”.

How to configure proxy in macOS


Drop down the Apple menu and go to System Settings → Network.

Highlight the active connection and click on Advanced.

Open the Proxy tab and check one or more proxy types that you intend to use in the left pane.

Enter the server address and port for each selected type and click OK.

To disable a proxy, uncheck the box next to the proxy types.

How to set up a proxy in Android

The Android interface is different on different devices, but the approximate procedure for most of them will be as follows:


Open the Wi-Fi settings and click on the active connection to bring up the context menu. You may have to hold your finger on the connection name.

Using the context menu, open the advanced network settings.

Find the item associated with the proxy server and select the manual settings mode.

Enter the server address and port, and then save the changes.

To undo the changes, re-enter the settings, find the item associated with the proxy, and disable it.

How to configure proxy in iOS

Open the Wi-Fi settings and click on the round icon next to the active connection.


Click “Proxy Settings” and select “Manual.”

Enter the server address and port, then click “Save.”

To disable the proxy, again find the item “Proxy Settings” and select “Off”.

Most likely, a proxy enabled at the OS level will work only for browsers. If you want to use it for another application, look for instructions on how to set up on the web or immediately on the official website of the program. For example, this is how you can configure SOCKS5 proxy to bypass the Telegram lock.

The proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the Internet. This is an intermediate server that separates the end users from the websites they are viewing. Proxy servers provide different levels of functionality, security, and privacy, depending on your usage settings, needs, or policies. If you are using a proxy, Internet traffic passes through a proxy server for the requested address in the browser or when exchanging data from various applications. Then the request (or any other response in the form of data) is returned via the same proxy server (there is a true exception to this rule), and then the proxy server forwards the data to you.

Someone may ask a reasonable question: “why connect through a proxy server? Why not just go straight to the site? ”

Modern proxy do much more than redirect web requests for data security and network performance. Proxy servers act as a firewall and web filter, provide common network connections and cache data to speed up common requests. Finally, proxy servers can provide flexible customization of user data.

How does a proxy differ from VPN?

Both technologies help to bypass the lock and protect the user’s privacy. But VPN is more advanced technically.

proxy vs VPN

If you are not against installing additional software and are willing to pay more for high speed and anonymity, and also want to protect the transmitted data as much as possible, choose a VPN.

If you only need a way to access blocked sites and a simple anonymizer without reliable data protection, it will be enough to configure a proxy. They do not require special software. Plus, in most cases, paid proxies are cheaper than paid VPNs (if you need a quality service without restrictions, in both cases you will have to pay).

The main types of proxy servers

CGI is a simple proxy for web surfing. Unlike the others, this type does not require any settings: you go to a special site, enter the desired URL – and the proxy opens this address in the browser. At the same time, CGI often display pages incorrectly and work only within an open tab, which is not always convenient.


HTTP – a proxy designed to work with the hypertext transfer protocol. Simply put, suitable for full-fledged viewing sites. If you connect such a proxy in the operating system settings, it will be active for all browsers at once, until you disable it.


SHTTP – proxy with SSL encryption support. They differ from the previous type in that they allow you to browse secure sites (their addresses begin with https).


SOCKS4, SOCKS5 – support additional data transfer protocols. It may be necessary if you want to configure a proxy not only for the browser, but also for individual applications .



Many people believe that proxies and VPNs are one and the same, for the reason that they allow you to hide your IP address and thereby gain access to blocked sites and applications.

VPN AND PROXY diffrence

In reality, there is a significant difference between how VPNs and proxies work. First, VPN encrypts your connection completely from the system level of your device, so all applications on your PC and all services, as well as all incoming and outgoing connections, are encrypted using a VPN server.

In most cases, the proxy does not encrypt the connection from the system level of your device. In addition, to activate a proxy server, you need to change the proxy server from individual applications or software settings, and therefore only the application or service uses the proxy server.

Since your connection through the Proxy is not encrypted, everything that you do on the Internet will be visible to your proxy provider (or you, if the server on which the special proxy distributing software is installed) and the server of the site or application you are visiting.


In addition, not all proxy servers work the same way. It is important to understand exactly what features you get.


Transparent Proxy (Transparent Proxy)

When sharing data, they tell websites that they are a proxy server, and requests will be sent to your IP address, identifying you. Businesses, public libraries, and schools often use transparent proxies to filter content: they can be easily configured on both the client and server side.

Anonymous (Anonymous Proxy)

Anonymous proxies identify themselves as a proxy server, but will not transfer your IP address to the visited website – this helps prevent identity theft and keep your browsing history confidential.

They can also prevent the website from showing you targeted content based on your location. For example, if the site knows that you live in the city of N, it will show you news stories, which, in their opinion, belong to this place. Anonymity settings will not allow the website to use some ad targeting methods.

Substitute proxy (Distorting proxy)

Such a server goes through a  false  IP address for your request, identifying itself as a proxy server. This works almost like anonymous proxies, but by passing in a false IP address, you may  be  elsewhere to bypass content restrictions and local access policies.

Proxy server with high anonymity

Proxy servers with high anonymity periodically change the IP address that they represent, so it is very difficult to track which traffic belongs to whom. Services like TOR Network are the most private and secure way.

Proxy servers are a hot item in the news these days with controversies around Net Neutrality and censorship. After the cancellation of network neutrality in the United States, Internet service providers can now control your bandwidth and Internet traffic at the sites under control.

Although there is considerable uncertainty about what will happen with Net Neutrality, it is possible that proxy servers will provide some opportunity to circumvent the limitations of such Internet providers.


The addresses are ipv4 and ipv6 proxies (newer protocol version) The differences are that IPv6 contains a larger address space, SLAAC autoconfiguration, mandatory IPSec support, Link-local addresses for all interfaces, and packets are not fragmented.

But all these are technical details, in practice the most important difference is that not all services support the possibility of using IPv6, this is especially critical for those who are busy with traffic arbitrage, spam and streaming their multi accounts in social networks. In addition, the price of IPv4 is significantly higher due to the small number of available addresses and large overall applicability.


It’s simple, if you need more anonymity and use in applications and special software, then the choice of socks 5 would be preferable. Again, it is worth starting from tasks, since not all services and sites support and work correctly with Socks5 proxies. So http from https sometimes differs in speed, and not only in the security of the protocol itself, as it may initially seem.


Is it safe to use free and free proxies?


As a result of the above features of the proxy servers, their owners can use your device for various purposes. For example, since your connection is not encrypted, admins can embed various content into your browser.They can also modify your connection and make changes to any data that is present there. Therefore, the use of free and free proxies potentially carries danger.

Lists of such proxies can be found in various sources, as a rule, their lifetimes range from 1 minute to several hours, stability is low, there are interruptions in operation, which makes it impossible to use them for complex analysis or data acquisition algorithms. However, banal spam or primitive cheat some services can work. But usually they are used for load tests and other applied tasks.

Updated free proxy lists can be found on aggregator sites or services of popular VPN \ Proxy providers, here are some of them:



Such services allow you to use a proxy right in the browser window to access a third-party site, which is convenient. When using them, you do not need to configure the software or your browser, install third-party extensions and additional applications.

Just follow the link, type in the required site for visiting the line, choose the address from which you want to enter from the options offered. Services will send a request and exchange data with a third-party resource and return it to you.

Like all free, this option should be used only in cases where the data transmitted in this way does not contain passwords and other personal information. Only surfing, no authorization form!

Here is a list of the most stable browser proxy services:


The advantage of these proxies is that subnetworks with addresses of cellular operators are considered by many services and applications to be “more trusty”. For this reason, blocking bypass and de-anonymization due to leakage of individual packets become less likely.


These proxies have a certain range of switching with a given interval. For example, once every 2 minutes, the address is switched, so if you purchase several mobile proxies from the subnet of one or another operator, depending on the switching range (usually every 2, 5 or 10 minutes) you will get more than ~ 500 IP per day.

The disadvantage is their price (especially for private addresses) and, as a rule, the inability to purchase a subscription for less than 1000r per month, which is not suitable for everyone.

Here are proven mobile proxy providers:


These are the usual proxies that will be provided to you for payment with different privacy settings depending on your goals and objectives. As a rule, the cheapest option is to buy a package of IPv6 addresses. But also any other options including flexible selection up to private anonymous subnets for certain geo, user agents and footprints.