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Access 1337x and 1337xto.to proxy Torrent Unblocked Full Access now 2019. 1337x is reborn for movies, games and more, this is not a new tracker, but at the interface completely revised at the end of last year. A historical tracker was born in 2007. when the download via torrent on the internet exploded completely. Initially, we thought that 1337x, it was not destined to become a great torrent site. But now, history has decided otherwise. Still, the reputation of 1337x has never been described as excellent. The fault with security flaws, a heavy interface and torrent qualities leaving much to be desired.


A search box and below, we see categories for games, books, movies, etc. Is it the largest torrent site in the world? Well yes, 1337x is famous for its simplicity. In fact, he’s aiming to become the successor of The Pirate Bay. He used the same principle with a search field and all the content is under the hood. But do not be fooled by its simplistic appearance. 1337x is a real gold mine of torrents. By clicking on a category, you will find the most recent torrents of this category. It is appreciated that the main information of the torrent is directly available with Seed, Leech and the weight of the file.

What is 1337x Torrents

1337x is a torrent site that was created in 2007. Unlike other torrent sites that took off in a few months, it took almost 10 years to become known. The administrators were stubborn and they hoped that their day of glory would come. And he came in 2016 with the disappearance of KickassTorrent. The death of the giant torrent has left the door open to many suitors. We had the Kickass Torrent, Extra Torrent and 1337x clones. And we know the song in the torrent sites. As soon as one of them becomes popular, blocking and censorship will begin all over the planet. Rights holders started filing 1337x complaints and in October 2016, Google and other search engines actively censored the site.

1337x Torrents

But the game of cat and mouse continued and 1337x changed domain name several times. Today, the site is officially available on 1337x.io, but we also provide a list of proxies if this address does not work for you. But before you rush to download on 1337x, a little reminder of the BitTorrent protocol.

The evolution 1337x proxy

The problem with 1337x proxy is that you can find everything and anything, but, above all, that the room of the rascal is bad enough row for torrent download. In fact, the site has never been part of the most popular trackers, unlike an OMGTorrent, for example. But the positive counterpart is that discretion is a bit more preserved. For a while, working under radar, 1337x to avoid prosecution.

And then 2016 come with a lot of cascading closures; KickAss Torrent, Cpasbien, pirate bay, Rarbg and OMGTorrent, then T411 … Peers lacking links to devour have therefore turned mass to 1337x. This has earned the hitherto unobtrusive tracker to see the spotlight rights holders to turn directly on him. However, it was not the first time, since a mishap in 2015 had seen 1337x cut from all Google referencing, following a denunciation from a group of Majors called Feel good Entertainment. They had obtained from Google 1337x de indexation after threatening the US giant lawsuits to promote pirates…

1337x proxy

Google, always looking sleek and refined and in a clear courage for the freedom of the Internet, had of course eager to respond favorably to this courteous request. No problem. 1337x took the opportunity to make a new skin, simplify its approach, and secure everything. Because now, there are not many trackers with such a large volume of links as 1337x. The tracker must therefore meet the expectations of the torrent community.

Watch out for your safety with 1337x Unblocked

To finish on the history of 1337x, know that during the year 2015, just after the redesign of the site, some administrators left the ship. The latter denounced in particular heavy security breaches. Like the possibility for a peer to be able to hack another peer quite easily. The owner did not give any news at first, these administrators created a 1337x clone, with extensions like .org and .com. These clones did not work. And users are always more numerous on the original extensions .to and .pl.

1337x Unblocked

Nevertheless, despite the large number of torrent link that can be found on 1337x, it is important to insist on safety. Not rights holders, but of yours. Because the number of infected files on the torrents are frequent. So beware all the more when it is the former administrators themselves who talk about security flaws. The use of a VPN is more than ever recommended.

The benefits of the new 1337x.to

Among the benefits, because there is of course, the interface of the new site, much simpler, and almost like a smartphone application. Category search has become easier to use. When you click on a link, all the details are mentioned. A comments tab is also available. This allows peers who have watched a film to give their opinion, as well on the artistic quality as on the technical quality of the encoding. A good way to waste less time with corrupt or poor quality files. Funny little thing, 1337x also delivers you your IP address, with this sentence: “your IP address is x.xx…. Your government can trace your Torrent activity. Hide your IP with a VPN. “

Is 1337x torrent download safe?

For the rest, 1337x is a tracker like the others. Became bigger by the force of things, and necessarily currently in the eye of the copyright supervisors. Hence the importance of knowing how to move in all discretion on the internet. If you do not want to have trouble with the law for this kind of download, you have three possibilities:

•  You do not download

•  You only download works that are copyright-free or allowable for sharing by owners and assigns

•  You opt for a VPN, which will allow you to slide like a ghost on the giant canvas …

Problems with 1337x torrent Site

The problem with 1337x is that moderation works badly, if not, does not work. What allows us to affirm it is a ratio between two figures; that of the seeders and the leechers present on the same torrent. For a loading to be optimal, it is preferable that the number of seeders (the suppliers of the file) are much higher than the number of leechers (the future owners of the file, near complete download).

1337x torrent Site

Now, in 1337x, these two numbers are very close. Besides that it does not give a good indication of the state of health of the moderation of the site, it is especially the manifest sign of a community which is not one. Everyone takes what interests them and ultimately few people share. Many therefore take and immediately remove the file loaded from their client. Solidarity is decreasing. In addition, the fewer seeders on a file, the longer the load. And for a generalist site that aims to become one of the major players in the market, it’s a task.

For this, you must have an excellent team at the administration of the site. And so, avoid getting angry with them when they express their concern about possible security vulnerabilities. Finally, a little trick that will convince you about the use of a VPN. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) restrict shipments when they come from a torrent. One more reason to go under VPN, to increase its flow.

Downloading guide for 1337x

You are hot and you already want to download your first torrent. But you ask what you need to download safely. The basics of the torrent include an internet connection, a torrent software and a VPN like Cyberghost , VyprVPN , NordVPN . That’s all ? That’s all ! But you will also boost your security with antivirus. Torrent sites are often filled with malicious files.

1337x download

But the 3 that we quoted allow you to navigate serenely on 1337x, but also on all the other torrent sites. So, without waiting for the end of the article, you have taken a VPN, download a software like uTorrent, but you do not understand anything about the terms of the site.

Understand the jargon of the site

Each torrent site uses standard jargon. In fact, even the name 1337x comes from Leet Speak, a language specific to the culture of the internet. In the 1980s when the web existed in a primitive form, we use the Leet Speak. We changed the letters with ASCII characters that were close. 1337 means Leet with 1 becoming L, 3 becoming e and 7 becoming. This is a way to stand out and 1337x wants to stand out from torrent sites by glorifying its appearance to the internet sharing spirit in its infancy.

Find in 1337x torrent sites.

The 1337x Seed – If you say that you are a good seeder on a torrent forum. So, take it as a compliment. The Seeder is the soul of the BitTorrent protocol. It is the user who hosts the file for the others. The more Seeders there are, the faster the download will be. Note that you do not need to store the entire file. In fact, when you start downloading a file on 1337x, you also share it to others at the same time. This is the strength of the protocol.

The 1337x Leech – On the other hand, if you are told that you are a Leecher. So, that’s not a good sign of everything. This means that you download a lot, but you do not give anything in exchange. The Leecher is the type of user who downloads in bulk and deletes as soon as he has watched his series for example. To not be a Leecher, keep the downloaded files in the public directory of your software so that they are available to others. If you have a reputation for Leecher, you will never be able to enter a private tracker.

The 1337x tracker – The tracker is a name for a torrent site. 1337x is a torrent tracker like The Pirate Bay. 1337x is a public tracker. Everyone can download without any conditions. You have private and semi-private trackers. You will need a registration and sometimes a sponsorship. In addition, do not expect to find a private tracker on Google … You will have to get to know the community of 1337x, for example and use word of mouth to find the right sites. And there, it will be necessary to pay attention to the ratio Leech / Seed which we mentioned.

The 1337x Magnet or Torrent – 1337x link offers both Magnet links and files with the .torrent extension. The latter is the first standard. And we recommend the link Magnet. The Magnet respects better the spirit of BitTorrent. The file with the .torrent extension is 1337x dependent. If it disappears without a trace, then your download will work more. But if you use the magnet, then the download will work without any problem.

Compare both with the mail. In the torrent file, you need a factor (the torrent site) to deliver the mail to your recipient. With the Magnet, imagine that your letter magically reaches your recipient. And you will be able to share the magnet on social networks; couriers like Whatsapp and it will continue to work.

1337xSoftware to download the torrent

Technically, you only need 2 programs to download 1337x torrents. The torrent software like uTorrent and an antivirus. However, you will also need a VPN like Cyberghost , VyprVPN , NordVPN .

1337x Software

And also an advertising blocker. We do not talk about applications to read files. If you only download movies and series, then download VLC and you’ll be quiet. For PDFs or ebooks, you need specific software.

•Torrent Software – If you are totally new to the game, take utorrent. It is used by 100 million people and is very easy to use while being powerful. Vuze is also a great alternative if you want to configure your downloads down to the last detail. uTorrent is also available on mobile. But even on mobile, you must use VPN to protect your identity.

•Decompression and Playback – If you download games or books, then they are often in RAR or Zip format. In this case, we recommend using 7-zip which is an excellent software. It is free and it handles many compression formats. For video and music playback, you have VLC which is available for most platforms including Android.

For VPNs, if you’re a novice, take a ride on Cyberghost . It is a renowned supplier for its reliability, its affordable prices and its powerful software. Thus, it offers VPN software for Windows, Mac and Android.

Look for a torrent on 1337x

Now that we have done the trick of what you need in all serenity. We will get our first torrent on 1337x. In the search bar, we will look for the American Gods series:

1337x is very well done, because the results are displayed according to the number of seeds / leechs. The first result is perfect for us.We have the complete season 1 which has 226 Seeders for 27 Leechers. The size is 4.3 GB. This is a small tip, but always looks at the size to determine the legitimate files. An entire series cannot fit in 150 MB…

The record of a Torrent on 1337x

The card will give you the main information of the torrent. Thus, we learn that it is a TV show and that it is in High Definition (HD). The language is English and the torrent weighs 4.3 GB. Unfortunately, this listing does not provide a Magnet link. We just have the Torrent link on the right side of the card. If the Magnet link was available, it would be below the Torrent link. At the bottom, you have the number of Seeds and Leechs. And just below, you have information seemingly trivial, but that are quite important.

Torrent 1337x

You have the mention 720P MKV. The MKV is a multi-source format. In a single file, it can integrate video and multiple audio tracks. This makes it ideal for a torrent site like 1337x for DVDs for example. But the format will also tell you the quality of the video.

  • Cam – The most mediocre. This is a video that was filmed in a movie theater.
  • DVDRip – Much better. It is a DVD that has been extracted and in general, it is in AVI format.
  • BRRIP – The same thing, but for the Bluray. Beware, Bluray torrents can weigh tens of gigabytes.
  • HDTV – This means that the content has been captured from television, but in high definition.
  • This is the norm for many series on torrent sites. So, our American Gods series was captured from a high-definition television.
  • WebRip – Content from a streaming site. The Netflix series are often in WebRip on sites like 1337x.

Download your first torrent step by step:

To download our American Gods series, click on the Torrent Download button. A small menu will appear, allowing you to choose mirrors from your torrent. This is in case it is not directly available on 1337x. You will download 1337x a small file to your computer. Double click on it. And if you have already installed software like uTorrent, then it will start to download it. Thus, we can see that our torrent contains all the episodes of American Gods. Determine your download directory in the Save In section and go. Congratulations, you have just downloaded your first torrent. And just do the same thing for all the files you download on any site. If it’s a Magnet link, then it’s even easier. You will simply have a warning from your browser. Click OK and your 1337x Torrent software will launch.

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