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Kickass Torrents Proxy Unblock Alternative Access 2019

KickassTorrents Proxy and Unblock Search Engine working 2019: The team of one of the largest torrent trackers, Kickass Torrents (KAT), resumed the service six months after it was blocked. The tracker is launched under the new address; it uses a new and secure database. Right after the launch, CAT is experiencing minor technical problems due to the large influx of visitors, Venture Beat writes. Most of the old staff and administrators joined us after the last service went down, KAT representatives told Torrent Freak. Also, the creators of the new site noted that all the main authors of the distributions on the tracker also returned to the site.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents, one of the largest torrent trackers, has earned a new address. The old team has returned to work on it, but now the site may be temporarily unavailable due to technical problems associated with a large number of users. Users must register again because the previous database has been completely deleted. However, the tracker has retained the familiar design and even many distribution administrators have returned to their positions. According to the authors, they would like to continue working on the project with the same love for the common cause.

kickass torrents Proxy

On July 21, 2016, the US authorities opened a criminal case against Ukrainian Artem Vaulin, accusing him of creating one of the largest torrent sites, Kickass Torrents. The US Department of Justice estimated the damage to the copyright holders of the project at $ 1 billion. After the arrest of Vaulin, the site ceased operations. The next day, July 22, 2016, unknown people launched several copies of the popular torrent tracker. One of the copies – – is still working, the second one – – was unavailable at the time of this writing.

kickass torrents Proxy

In June 2016, a citizen of Ukraine, Artem Vaulin, was accused of creating and developing the world’s largest pirate site, Kickass Torrents, which overtook the similar Pirate Bay site. The damage from the project activities for owners is estimated at one billion dollars, and Vaulin himself earned about $ 60 million per year from the tracker. Later it turned out that Apple’s location data was issued by Apple. Almost immediately, Kickass Torrents had copies that were not very stable and gave an error of 500 after every second request.

Kickass torrent Unblocked

The American intelligence services detained a citizen of Ukraine Artem Vaulin, who is suspected of administering the world’s largest torrent tracker Kickass Torrents (KAT), which is reported by the US Department of Justice. In the near future, Vaulin may be extradited to the United States, where the torrent tracker servers are actually located.  After the arrest of Vaulin, the website was blocked by the US authorities, but immediately after the official website went offline, dozens of people began to promote mirrors and copies of the website. Some of them are just trying to keep lost files available. Naturally, there were also fake “official backups”, whose owners were quick to inform several reporters about the resumption of the torrent tracker through their addresses. But until the publication of The Verge it found only two really working KAT clones, one of which made resource IsoHunt, and the second located at

Kickass torrent Unblock

The creators of told The Verge that the site is “hosted on several cloud servers in order to avoid blocking.” They also noted that they improved the original version of the torrent tracker by making it a mobile version. All information, including comments and data of registered users, will be transferred to the new site.

Kickass Torrents is the most popular website

Pirate bay, Rarbg and Kickass Torrents is a tracker that has been operating since 2008. According to the American authorities, over eight years of existence, Kickass Torrents caused damage to right holders of at least $ 1 billion. Kickass Torrents is the 69th most popular website on the Internet, its monthly audience is over 50 million users, according to the Ministry of Justice. His audience has surpassed Pirate Bay – once the most popular torrent tracker in the world, notes Engaged. The project earned advertising $ 12.5-22.3 million per year, and this, according to the American authorities, is very “sparing” numbers.

The hunt for the alleged KAT admin Artem Vaulin lasted quite a long time, and a special agent of the US Department of Homeland Security Jared Der-Egiyan was involved in the search for a Ukrainian. In particular, he is known for the fact that in 2015 he was able to detect the owner of the popular Silk Road online store, Ross Ulbricht (in his shop you could buy drugs, weapons and other prohibited goods).

Kickass Torrentz movies

The agent learned the Chicago IP addresses that Vaulin used, as well as the email address to which one of the Kickass Torrents domains was registered. The name of the administrator of this domain, Artem Vaulin, was available through the public who is service. Almost complete information about Vaulin was provided by American intelligence services by Apple and Facebook. Apple provided the agent with logs, from which it became clear that the purchase was made by the user from the same IP address from which someone logged in to Kickass Torrents on Facebook. The data on which IP address Vaulin entered the social network was provided by Facebook. Another interesting fact is that the “king of pirates” was caught buying legal content on iTunes. Law enforcement officers arrested the founder of the popular torrent tracker Kickass Torrents A. Vaulin in Poland, completely blocking access to a web resource. A thirty-year-old Kharkiv citizen is suspected of violating copyright law. Immediately after this, a group of enthusiastic developers launched several copies of Kickass Torrents.

Kickass torrent Mirror

According to the journalists of The Verge online publication, who had a letter from the authors of this project, one of the “mirrors” of the popular torrent tracker can be found at In their letter, the developers noted that copies of A. Vaulin’s web-resource were placed by them on several cloud servers at once, excluding the possibility of their blocking. As for the hosting information, they hid it behind Cloud flare. It is expected that in the near future the tracker of Vaulina will completely “move” to the “mirrors” launched by the developers, including user profiles and their comments.

The creators of the mirrors emphasize that, unlike the original web resource, the copies they created received a search window and even a mobile version. Currently is still rather unstable, but the developers have promised to “fix” all the bugs over the next few days. The second “mirror” of the Kickass Torrents torrent tracker, located at, was launched by the developers of another popular isoHunt tracker during the first days since the original web resource was blocked. According to the creators of the “mirror”, it stores the data of the original site for the last 18 months, while the user base and forum are missing.

Kickass torrent Mirror

On the pages of both the above-mentioned web resources, you can find hyperlinks to petitions in which the user community calls on the official authorities to release the founder of the torrent tracker. On the resource, over 4.5 thousand users have already signed up for the petition, and on the official website of the White House – 855. Note that each petition that has collected over 100,000 votes over 30 days necessarily receives an official response from side of the American authorities. The 30-year-old Kharkov programmer A. Vaulin was arrested on July 20 of this year by Polish law enforcement officers at the request of the US Justice Ministry. Vaulin is charged with inflicting property damage by right holders in the amount of more than 1 billion US dollars.

KickAss Torrents download: Most popular pirated resources

KickAss Torrents, one of the most popular pirated resources in the world, is used to distribute malicious advertisements through which fraudsters try to gain remote access to users’ computers. According to the Internet resource The Register, malicious advertising is disguised as a notice warning visitors to the site that their passwords, credit card information or photos may be compromised due to certain security threats. Also in the ad text is a contact phone number on which users should contact in order to solve the problem. The Register journalist tried to contact the owner of the specified phone number. The call was answered by the operator, who introduced himself as a member of the technical support team of one of the information security companies. During the conversation, an employee of the company, expressing himself with a foreign accent, offered to download and install the Supreme remote desktop client on the computer and provide access to it. As a rule, in order to trick the user, the criminals launch a harmless command, claiming that the data being transmitted are evidence of infection.

KickAss Torrent

According to the publication, malicious advertising is associated with the domain of registered in Panama, which is often used for various fraudulent campaigns.

Private Tracker or Public Tracker?

Public trackers are open to everyone and there are no download restrictions. A good look we see the same content as private trackers.

Private trackers are more “community”. You must register or be invited to the site in question and there are some rules to respect. It is necessary to maintain a ratio Download / Upload important enough not to be banned from the site. In concrete terms, this means that when you download a movie you have to share your turn by leaving your Torrent client activated. For this it may be interesting to install a  Seedbox , a server located in a host in the cloud, which downloads and shares Torrents 24/7 with a high speed. The ratio is thus certain to be high.

Two Methods for kickass movie Torrent download?

You may be wondering how to download a Torrent and especially how to do it without being spotted reprimand by the Hadopi commission?

kickass movie Torrent

There are 2 ways to download Torrents:

•From a server located outside of your home. This server, which is called a Seed box, has a speed of 100 MB to 1 Gb / s to download your Torrents. The success of See box is justified by the fact that the Hadopi commission does not monitor the traffic that passes on to the Seed box. I invite you to consult this complete tutorial on the implementation of a Seed box  if you are interested. I describe step by step, and in image, how to deploy a Seed box. If you are a little comfortable with Linux you should be fine.

• This method is much simpler than the Seed box. However, it is essential to install a VPN before making your download anonymously. VPN for Virtual Private Network is small software that encrypts your connection and masks your IP address. This allows access to the Internet anonymously and therefore not to be identified by the Hadopi Commission. Check out my comparison of the best VPNs for downloading Torrent to help you choose a good VPN.

How to download kickass torrent on your computer?

Torrent is a file-sharing protocol that relies on mutual exchange with other Internet users. So when you download a movie in Torrent you actually get small pieces of the film on other computers.

download torrent

To download Torrent directly to your computer you need:

1. Subscribe to a VPN subscription and install the associated VPN client to anonymized your Internet connection. Indeed the P2P / Torrent is monitored by the Hadopi commission. Without VPN downloading illegal content results in a first state warning via mail.

2. Install a Torrent client on his computer. It is small free software to manage the download in BitTorrent. There are plenty of them that I listed in a list of the top 9 Torrent clients.

Then to download it is very simple:

1. First you have to start the VPN client. Then connect it to a server located in a country other than France or the US (a country in Eastern Europe, Russia, South America,). As soon as your VPN is connected, your Internet stream is fully encrypted. The internet provider and the Hadopi commission do not see anything anymore.

2. Then you have to go to one of the 4 sites proposed in this article. Choose content and download the corresponding .torrent file. A Torrent file is a small file of a few kilobytes that has the extension .torrent. It identifies the media that the hacker wants to download.

3. By double clicking on this .torrent file it will launch into the Torrent client and the download will start.

I suggest you read the article how to download kickass Torrent for a demonstration while image and more detailed.

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